August 21, 2011

Time For A...

Change! As you can see it's been awhile since I have posted. Whoops! I need to get caught up on my summer, but that will have to wait... this post is for my MOMMA! (So she doesn't feel like she doesn't know what's going on in my life anymore! Oh Mom!)

As of 2 weeks ago, I have moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I know, I know... you don't have to tell me! The whole adjustment has been crazy and frustrating all at the same time... Here's how it went down...

If you ever saw me or my rant on facebook about a month ago, you will know what I am talking about. I had gotten one of those cute feathers and a pink and red extension in my hair for the summer. Spice it up a little for summer, no harm done right?! Well, apparently my boss in St.George thought it was "unprofessional" and pretty much told me it was I either take them out, or lose my job! Really lady?! Anyways, I did the "professional" thing to do and took them out. She kinda laughed about it at work the next day so being the "nobody tells me what to do" kinda of girl, I thought I would see if there were any job openings in St.George that I could transfer to. There was none for St.George, but there was a posting for the Salt Lake Clinic, day job, full time! Okay, that NEVER happens! There is never a day job opening! Let me just show how fast this all happened...
Tuesday: Meeting with Human Resources pretty much telling me to take out the 3 strands of excitement in my life!
Wednesday: Boss laughs about it at work!
Thursday: I work with boss and don't like it. Start job hunting, finding the posting for the Salt Lake Clinic.
Friday: I look again for openings and there is another day job opening for Cottonwood.
Saturday: I took both postings as a sign from above and applied for both openings.
Monday: Got a call first thing this morning asking to do a phone interview for the Salt Lake Clinic.
Tuesday: Did phone interview.
(worked rest of the week...)
Monday: Got a call to do an interview for Cottonwood.
Tuesday: Got the job offer for the Salt Lake Clinic! (no interview for Cottonwood was ever done!)
Wednesday: Emailed my boss my 2 weeks notice. What a happy day! :)
(worked rest of the week and the first 3 days of the next week. August 3rd being my last day!)
Thursday - Sunday: In Lake Powell. Went Cliff Jumping Saturday off a 73ft. cliff. Something definitely wrong with my right knee!
Monday: Suppose to pack and head north so I could start work Tuesday, but instead went to Dr.Parry and found out I tore my MCL. Putting me in a brace for 6 weeks and a recovery time of 3 months. Called new boss and said I could start Wednesday instead.
Tuesday: Packed and headed north with a VERY sore and swollen knee!
Wednesday: Started new job at the Salt Lake Clinic!!!

As you can see, it all happened very fast and not smoothly at all! The ole knee put me back some and still is! I am living with my Aunt Julie and her family in Sandy as of right now. What a blessing! I don't think I could have handled the pressure of finding a place in 2 weeks, and with a crippled knee! From Sandy, it takes me about 20-30 mins to work, which isn't too bad! I have yet to make it there late! Somehow I'm always there a good 20-30 mins too early! Paranoid of being late I'd say!

But work is good! My boss is completely different than the one in St.George. I have young and very fun coworkers that are showing me the ropes around this place. The clinic isn't too bad. It is strictly drawing blood which I like! I don't have to deal with any testing or anything like that. I think it will be good. They are suppose to be building a whole new building the next year or so, so that will be so nice to go in to! I have already had an amazing person come into the lab, and me drawing blood on their spouse! What an amazing experience!! I think I'm gonna like this place, just for the fact I will come in contact with such amazing and special people as these two! (Sorry, can't say who! Can't lose my job already!)

At the same time, it's still so frustrating! I know how to do my job, but it's completely different up here. I hate making mistakes, so for something that I already know how to do, it's frustrating! I don't know where anything is at up here! I know areas but I couldn't tell you where a WalMart is, or a grocery store! That part, is so annoying! I can't just run down the street to Smiths and grab what I need. I have to pull out my life-savor, TomTom, input Smiths in Sandy, UT, and then have it tell me where to go. Usually being like 15 minutes away! Grrr! I get so annoyed with the freeway here. I don't know any of the exits or what road takes you what way! It's a mess! And the whole torn MCL thing. I'm done with it! I wear my nifty brace at work but then have to take it off after cause its bugging by then! I can almost walk normal, almost! I still look handicap! Ahh! I just want it to heal and be done! I guess it will just take time! I have only been here for 2 weeks, guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself!

All frustrations aside... I have been having some fun! I've already been to a demolition derby with my cousins April and Zach. Had a family reunion with my Winters family. Been to a comedy club to see Melissa Villasenor, from "America's Got Talent", perform. Such a funny and quirky girl. She does celebrity and singing impersonations. She's actually pretty good! I hope she goes far on the show! Also, I went to the Sugarland concert, with Sara Barellies opening for them! I LOVE Sara Barellies! She did so good, but wasn't given enough time that's for sure! Sugarland wasn't too bad, I'm just more of a fan of Sara! I've got to hangout with a lot of family and friends up here. Haven't met too many new people but I guess that's what your family and already friends, are for! Hopefully I'll be able to get more adjusted up here and relax! Well that is that for now! Miss and love everyone down in St.George! It's been hard not seeing my Warehouse family every night. Heck, I'm in bed my 9 or 10 every night now! I'm loving the sleep time, but I do miss my girls at The Warehouse! I'm missing my friends down south, but we will visit often! Right?! Miss you Mom & Dad! And Steph & the kiddos! Until next time, LOVE YOU!!! Much Love Ü

June 19, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend...

full of family and fun! Here's how the weekend went down...

 Aunt Kirst and Scooter
I didn't have to work at all Memorial Day Weekend so we were going to take advantage of that! Saturday, me and the parentals headed down to Beaver Dam and met up with Steph and Nick's sister's family. We went 4-wheeling all throughout AZ. Even though it was not my most favorite and fun 4-wheeling trip, it was good to get out under the sun and enjoy time with the fam!

*Dirty Sisters*
 Look at that form off the zipline!
 Not such great form!
 I was already nervous about going, even though it was my 2nd time, well the rope somehow got this huge knot in it without us knowing and when I went, it got caught! This picture is when it caught! I went right back around so my stomach was parallel to the water and I couldn't hang on, so down I went... face and belly first! I wasn't scared about falling, but when I felt the brush and could stand up, I was nervous! I'm just glad I hit SOME water or else I really would have been hurting!

Monday, Stephanie wanted to hit up Zions and do Angels Landing. Again, I don't know how I get talked into these things! I did Angels Landing last year and swore I wouldn't do it again... well, here I am, going again! It wasn't too bad and I made better time this year than last! Good Hiking Sis!
 On the bus going up to Angels Landing
 Come on sister...
 Running up the "The Wiggles", its the only way to go!
 Yep, nothing but DOWN, and a long ways DOWN!
 Holding on for my dear life...
 Angels Landing right behind us
 We made it!!! Whoo!!!
 2-Time Angels Landing Successor!
 Such an awesome view!
 Look at me, I didn't die!
 It's crazy how high up you are
 Are we done yet?!
 Weeping Rock... Haven't been there since a kid!
Thanks for the fun hiking trip Sis!

 Memorial Day Weekend was lazy but still lots of fun! Lots of time spent with the family... I'm pretty sure they enjoyed all my company!! Thanks Sis for all the fun... but I'm sure I can wait till next year to do Zions again!! Much Love Ü

June 14, 2011

Time for Summer...

I think so! Here's what's been going on HERE, in St.George!! Seems like I'm always on the go, but I do have some fun here in the awesome and sunny place we call, St. George!!

* Maryann* 
I met Maryann on my cruise and it just happened she was going to school at Dixie. She was leaving for Texas for the summer so we had to have a "Splendor Reunion" before she left!
 I hooked my boys Swagg & Bryan up with these ladies... and then I just tagged along!
 Maryann's sister Katherine... we had matching camera cases!
Katherine * Kirstin * Maryann
The boys thought it would be funny to go scare some girls, I was their filmer! Swagg scared the bajeezies out of me... I HATE that mask!!

Swagg wanted to hit up Vegas before leaving for the summer, and he knows I will never turn down a good Vegas trip! We talked Sarah into coming and away we went... a night of country dancing at Stoney's and IHOP for some late night dinner! So much fun! Love these kids!
 The new Monster spokeswomen!
 If ya aren't drinkin'... Pictures it will be!
 He's such a cowboy at heart!
 Photo Op*
 and again...
 and again... this one is HILARIOUS!!!
 Love me some Swagg!! Just look at him!!
 My girl Sarah
 IHOP at 2AM... its bound to get weird...
 I really think Swagg is... special!
 and the weirdness begins...
 Definitely my FAVORITE!
 Don't even ask... I have no answer!
 the "Nixon"
 kinda normal... kinda not!
 One Spoon...
 Two Spoons!
 I was trying to explain how they give you these metal things to open your mouth when they take the picture for you to get braces on... I thought it was a good description!

Definitely one CRAZY night but it was so fun! Love ya Sar and Swagg! Thanks for the fun!!

 *Texas Roadhouse*
Swagg's goodbye dinner
 Sarah and Swagg
 "Nobody loves me" Bryan
 Kirst and Linds
 It was Swagg's "birthday"!
 Pool Time... yes! Decided to catch some rays during the Ironman!
 Lindsey demonstrating that kids job... and we know what that is because it said on the back of his shirt... "POINTER"!!!
 Supporting the Ironman and our friend Kole Monroe. It was his 1st Ironman and he made it in 14 hours! So proud of him! Good Job Kolie!!!
 Late night movie after the Ironman...
 She's a mini-me I swear!!! Love her to pieces!!
 Love you Sarah!!

Well, that will conclude tonight posting! I've had a lot of fun so far this summer! I have some of the greatest friends ever and I love them all so much! Here's to having one heck of a summer this year!! Much Love Ü